A little about... 

Hannah Dorman

I live on the shores of Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.


The ever moving clouds that move colours across the land and sea, mean the view is always changing. Boats coming and going evoke a feeling of adventure.

There is a wildness to the Lough that brings nature close and provides an escape from everyday life.

Hannah Dorman Artist Northern Ireland Connected trees art spiritual love


To me  art is about making connections.

When someone resonates with my work, it feels like I've shared a thought and realised that I'm not alone in that thought. 

We live in a time when there is much to separate us from our natural environment 

which is home. I feel it is more important than ever to  realise our connectedness to it and


I express creatively my appreciation for the beauty in our universe, our planet

and the life on it...

Hannah Dorman Artist Northern Ireland Connected nature spiritual art
Hannah Dorman Artist Northern Ireland Moon Painting

I remember how unlikely it is to have won the lottery to exist,

 how amazing our minds and bodies are,


and that we are only here for a tiny moment in the vast history of the cosmos

and what a privilege that is.