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Updated: May 25, 2019

There are many kinds of seaweed in Strangford Lough. Intertwined weeds decorate the shore like tangled strings of beads in a jewellery box.  Apparently there are over 500 different species of seaweed and algae around the shores of Ireland…..and at low tide you can certainly smell it!

It was once a traditional part of the diet in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  it smells on the shore!

It was once a traditional part of the diet in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Being half  Welsh myself I have eaten Laver seaweed over the years. Laver is the Welsh name for red seaweed. When cooked it is called laver bread or bara lawr in Wales.  The nutrients, vitamins and trace elements in seaweed are said to be more readily available in seaweeds and sea plants than they are in land plants, and it seems its popularity as a food source is on the rise.  I recently bought a black bin bag full if sea lettuce from St Georges Market, in Belfast, from a very enthusiastic lady passionate about her product, who gathers it from the Antrim coast.  I have been munching my way through it in various ways, most successfully mixed in bread and fried with onion & oatmeal. I can assure you…it tastes a lot better than it smells on the shore! It is also rather beautiful to draw.

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